Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Love is everything

I'll start by saying what a big fan I am of slogan tee's. They're so easy to pop on under a blazer or a leather jacket. One of my favourites is this one from Wildfox, which is a brand I absolutely love! Their t-shirts are lovely and soft, fit well and always have really fun slogans or images! This t-shirt is one of my fave's with the slogan 'Love is everything', which in my mind, is very true. This particular style tee is slightly longer than other ones I have, so for this outfit I have tucked it into my jeans to create a slightly different look.

I have paired the t-shirt with a nude/light pink, fitted blazer from Forever 21. This is a recent purchase and I have worn it so much already. At just £22 it was a complete bargain. I particularly love the ruched sleeves and the slim fit. I then have my trusty Hollister jeans on which I have put a belt on with. The belt was another bargain, £3, again from Forever 21. I love this kind of easy, relaxed outfit that still has a bit of an edge. Slogan tee's are definitely a staple in my wardrobe!

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