Sunday, 13 November 2011

A sprinkle of glitter

'I lily love you' nail polish by O.P.I has officially become my new favourite colour! It's the perfect mix of sparkle, glitter and pink. Usually I am not a fan of fine glitter nail polishes as I love the effect they give, but not having to take it off.

This polish is a mix of foil like pieces, some large, some small which creates the prettiest, sparkly colour. I used three coats to get this depth of colour just because I wanted the pink to be quite prominent.

This colour is also perfect to put over another lighter shade to add a hint of sparkle. I used my seche vitte topcoat to give a glossy finish and to make sure the little pieces of foil were not sharp on my nails. Even in the bottle the colour looks amazing and will be taking centre stage on my dressing table!

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