Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Magnetic Mania

(Apologies for the dry cuticles, I had just been outside and it was freezing, especially on my hands!)

I might be a little late with this but it is still something I am loving for my nails, so thought I would share it with you all. I'm guessing you have all heard of 'magnetic nail polish.' If you're not familiar, you paint it on like a normal nail polish, but when you hold a magnet over it, the colour changes and creates amazing, individual waves and designs. Nails Inc where first, I think, to come out with the concept but other brands have quickly followed.

I went for the '17' brand version in the colour 'grey.' I love the effect this gives to my nails! It is so quick and simple to do but leaves your nails looking as if you have spent hours on them. Also, this comes in at nearly half the price of the Nails Inc version. If you're unsure, give this one a go, I thoroughly recommend it!

Let me know your thoughts on magnetic nail polish. Is it for you?


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Monday, 30 January 2012

Box full of goodies!

Another one of my very favourite brands is L'Occitane. Their hand-cream is amazing as-well as their shower/bath products, lip-balm, foot cream... I could go on! For Christmas, my lovely brothers, treated me to this big box full of amazing treats!

The first treat was a massive 500ml pump bottle of the ultra rich shower cream. If you're looking for a nourishing, skin conditioning, moisturising shower cream then this is definitely for you! It doesn't foam much but rather acts like a lotion on the skin leaving you feeling really clean and your skin moisturised and soft.

The next treat was a 75ml size of their famous hand-cream. I cannot rave about this enough! It is the most nourishing hand-cream I have ever tried. I never get dry, chapped hands in the Winter now, since using this cream. It is on the thick side which is not the best texture for some people, but for me, I love it. I only apply hand-cream to the backs of my hands (the only place your hands really need it) and it leaves them soft and feeling deeply nourished. The scent of the shea butter is amazing and really lingers on the skin.

The set also contained a 75ml size of the foot cream. I'll be honest, I'm really bad at applying foot cream! It always seems to be an afterthought and in Winter when your feet are mainly in socks, I don't really see the point. However, this cream makes moisturising your feet a real treat. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave behind a sticky residue. The smell is lovely and soothing on the feet and leaves them with a really fresh feeling.

Also included are 75ml sizes of the ultra rich body lotion and a travel size of the ultra rich shower cream. The body lotion is another one of my favourite products from the range. The smell is amazing and lasts throughout the day. It sinks into the skin really quickly but leaves you feeling moisturised but not sticky. You can put your clothes on straight away without them sticking to you. It works really well in conjunction with the shower cream, leaving your skin feeling doubly moisturised.

Overall this made an amazing Christmas present and I have been thoroughly enjoying using all of these products!

Glossy gloss

(From left to right: petite indulgence, fashion scoop, rags to riches and like venus)

I've always been a huge fan of MAC lipglosses. I have always found them to be non-sticky and long lasting. Plus, they have a lovely sweet smell! I don't like overly fragrance glosses so MAC ones definitely tick all of my boxes!

For christmas I was lucky enough to receive 4 MAC lipglosses from the Glitter and Ice collection. The set, which contains two dazzleglass glosses and two cremesheen glosses. I got the pink set, which came contained in a plastic silver ball, very christmassy!

I have personally never tried the cremesheen glosses before and they did not disappoint! The consistency is amazing as well as the amazing colours. They last ages on the lips and are perfect to go over lipsticks if you want to. The dazzleglass are equally as lovely. The glittery pinks are not too over the top and just give a lovely sheen and shine to your lips. These are perfect to go over plainer glosses to give them an extra kick!

Another day...

another Philosophy set! It's official, I'm obsessed. with Philosophy and their amazing products. This set has a bit of a wintery vibe but personally I would still use it all year round. The scent is 'Marshmallows for toasting' and it smells exactly like what it sounds like. The smell can be a little overpowering for some people but personally it gets a big thumbs up from me.

I purchased this set from Harrods in their sale and got it for £9! It includes the famous shower gel/bath gel/shampoo, body lotion and one of their amazing lip-glosses. The lip-gloss is a lovely, light pink colour which is perfect layered over lipsticks or just on it's own for a subtle shimmer on the lips.

What do you think of this? Would you like to smell like toasted marshmallows?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blushing beauty

My new favourite blush of the moment is actually a beauty powder from MAC. The colour is 'briar rose' and it is from the Disney villains collection. I don't think this is widely available now but I found mine at the Cosmetic Company Outlet at Bicester village.

Although this is not technically a blush, it works perfectly as one! Beauty powders are not generally known to give a great pay off and usually have to be built up. I have a lighter, peachier shade from the Hello Kitty collection which is very sheer and could almost be sued all over the face. Whilst briar rose does have good payoff it is not as bright and scary as it looks in the pan. It gives the cheeks a lovely, soft pink glow which lasts all day. I use my Bobbi Brown blusher brush to apply it gently to the apple of my cheeks. The product can be built up to give a more dramatic effect if you wanted but just a few swirls with my brush loads just the right amount of product for me.

What do you think of this shade? Have you ever tried a MAC beauty powder?