Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday's Choice

Sunday's choice is going to be a regular feature sharing with you guys my nail polish of choice for the week. As I have accumalated so many colours, the choice is often tough! This week, however, I couldn't wait to try out my No7 varnish which I purchased earlier in the week.

I'll start with a couple of negatives so we can get them out of the way. Firstly, the size of the brush was a little hard to control as it it quite wide and long. As I have quite small nails it wasn't very easy to just cover the nail and not the surrounding skin. Also, as the top of the bottle is quite narrow, it is hard to get the brush back in the bottle with just one hand.

So after the couple of negatives, there a lot of positives! For a polish which cost me just £2, I was very pleased with the results! The bottle says 'pigment rich colour' and this is definitely true. The colour in the bottle is exactly the result you get on your nails. The colour is a deep, intense blue with a slight shot of silver running through it to give a metallic like finish. I finished the look with my seche vite top coat to leave my nails looking extremely glossy and shiny.

I perhaps wouldn't purchase another bottle for the full price of £7 as I would rather spend a couple more pounds on a Leighton Denny or Essie but if I come across another No7 voucher (£5 off) I think £2 is well worth the result you get!

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