Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mascara Magic

One of my newest obsessions is this mascara by Bourjois. It is called the 'Volumizer' and it is amazing! There are 2 steps to this mascara. The first is to separate the lashes and then the second is to add more mascara and volume. Personally I only use step 1 as this applies just the right amount of mascara for me and step 2 leaves my lashes a little clumpy. If I'm going for a night out and want more drama on the lashes, then I would probably use both steps, it's just personal preference. This mascara leaves my lashes looking lovely and long and thick. You don't get any fallout under the eye which is something that really annoys me with some other mascaras. It has a bristle brush which is my favourite kind of mascara wand, and use only need a few swipes to get the desired effect! I think this is a great product as you can tailor it to yourself. You can either go for lovely defined lashes, or you can add more volume and intensity if you need to!
(Available from Bourjois for £10.49)


  1. Wasn't a fan of this mascara tbh, but maybe just because I don't like clumpy lashes! Maybe it's for people who already have a lot of lashes... :P

    1. I was the same at first! I don't like clumpy lashes either so that's why I usually skip step 2 as I find it just adds to much product. I think they could have just got away with having step 1 as I find, personally, that gives my lashes enough volume and length.
      Thank you for commenting!