Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crystal clear

My new favourite lipstick/lip tint of the moment is this latest offering by Topshop. It is part of their new 'Sisters of the new moon' collection which has just been released. When I first saw this lipstick, I was scared! It is a bright, leaning towards fluroescent, pink with glitter in it! But fear not, once applied to the lips, it creates a unique, flattering pink tint. Some of the glitter does transfer but only mildly and usually comes off after a while. For me, the tint stays on the lips for a long time, even after drinking and eating. I usually only need to re-apply this twice a day. It gives quite a matte finish so you could pop a clear gloss over the top if you wanted it to be glossier. I definitely recommend you give this a try as it comes out nothing like how it looks. The shade will slightly differ on everyone because it reacts to your skin to create your perfect, pink colour. This is a must-have for the upcoming spring/summer months! ('Crystal' is £9 from Topshop)

(the colour is showing up a little brighter on camera. It is more of a soft, pink flush)

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