Tuesday, 5 June 2012

M.A.C haul!

Recently I've been starting to add to my M.A.C collection. I started off with 'Plink!' lipstick and have just recently purchased 'Creme cup' (which I absolutely love and a separate post on that will be coming soon). So, I decided to purchase a couple more items including a blush, paint pot and lipglass.

Blush wise I decided to go for 'well dressed' as I have heard so many amazing things about it on both blogs and YouTube. I love this shade! It is an amazing, soft pink which gives a lovely, healthy flush to the cheeks. It's great to pair with a neutral eye and a pink lip.

For the paint pot I chose 'Bare study' as it looked like an easy colour to just slick onto the eyelids and you'd then be good to go. And that is exactly the case! I just apply this over a primer, with a brush and I'm done. It gives a nice, clean look to the eye with a subtle hint of shimmer. Sometimes if I want it to last a bit longer I will put a little bit of 'grain' eyeshadow over the top!

Lastly I chose 'pink lemonade' lip glass. This came from watching 'Miss Glamorazzi's' YouTube videos where she constantly raves about this colour. I can totally see what she means! It is a lovely pink/coral colour which is perfect for the summer months. It is lovely worn alone but I have also been layering it over my 'Plink!' lipstick.

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