Sunday, 10 June 2012

M.A.C Casual colour 'Relaxation'

I feel like M.A.C's newest collection was released a little under the radar. 'Casual colour' was released at the beginning of the month along with the new Beth Ditto collaboration. As of yet I haven't seen many reviews on the collections and I'm surprised because I think the casual colour lip and cheek creams are the perfect product for summer! To my knowledge the collection is marketed as being easy to wear, and simple products you can use for 'lazy' days. In the summer I love wearing cream products on my cheeks. They feel less heavy and seem to withstand longer-wear. The casual colour lip and cheek creams come in eight different shades. They come packaged in little plastic pots with a black lid, which are basically the same containers that the lip conditioners come in.

I have the shade 'relaxation' which is described as a 'warm pink'. I would say this pretty much sums the shade up although it does lean towards a darker pink/berry shade which I find really flattering on my skin tone. I have read a couple of reviews saying these feel 'sticky' on the cheeks. I personally have not found this to be the case. I can easily blend the product into my cheeks just using my fingers and it leaves me with a lovely, healthy glow to the skin. For me, there is no residue left on the skin but just a lovely, soft sheen which I think is lovely for the summer months. You can also use the product on your lips to give you a lovely flush of colour. It leaves yours lips feeling really moisturised and not at all sticky. This is the perfect item to pack if you're going on holiday or if you just want something really quick and easy to use in the mornings. These are limited edition so grab them whilst you can!
(Available from M.A.C for £17.50)

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